Cyndee is a charming, lovely young lady who loves to get to know the men who take her out on the town. She knows that men find her very alluring, and she believes that at least part of her charm is that she is fresh, sexy, and just a little bit unusual. “Every man wants a woman who can really excite him. He wants some variety. He wants the fantasy, yes, and he also wants the reality. And there’s a reason that men really enjoy a sweet, innocent girl. Deep down, every man wants to feel like he is taking part in that innocence, and maybe even sullying it a little. I think that is a common fantasy, and there is absolutely no reason to feel badly about that. Every man needs to know that he can experience that in his life, and when you book a Zurich escort, you have that opportunity.”


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Cyndee Cyndee
Cyndee Cyndee

Cyndee knows that just as some men have fantasies about ideal women, she has fantasies about ideal men. “I love a man who is a gentleman,” she says. “You know, with everything that means traditionally. I love a man who knows how to use his manners, and knows how to be polite the way gentlemen used to be. You know, the sort of man who opens your door for you, or who stands up from the table when you stand up at dinner, or who just shows you a lot of polite attention in all things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a guy who lets me push him around. I want a guy who is a stand up man, strong and capable, who can be sure of himself. But my definition of that is different than the one a lot of girls have. My definition involves a guy who has potential. I think with some love and affection, any man can find himself and reach his full potential. I think every man has that spirit inside him. He has that potential to be truly great. He just needs some encouragement.”

Cyndee does massage classes in order to get more in touch with her sensual side. “Every woman should know how to do something useful,” she says. “A truly beautiful woman, a truly sexy woman, is not just a woman who looks good in lingerie, or who looks good without her clothes, or who looks good in a tight dress. A truly beautiful woman is a useful woman, a woman with skills. She is someone who can command respect. Men respond to that skill. They do not just want someone who looks good. Yes, they like attractive women, but there are so many beautiful girls in the world, and many of them are born that way. Sure, some girls who are hot really had to work at it, to lose weight and get in shape, or to perfect their bodies in some other way. But there are so many for whom beauty is just given to them. They are born beautiful and they spend their youth always looking good and enjoying the benefits of other people wanting to get close to them and even sleep with them. A guy, when he sees a beautiful woman will be pleased with her at first, but that is not enough. He also wants to know that she’s more than just how she looks. That’s what that old saying about true beauty being more than skin deep, that’s what it is really about. A man wants to know that his woman is special for something other than what she is on the outside. He wants her to be a woman of skill. That, I think, is what makes the difference. Men are always more intrigued by a woman of substance than just beauty.”

This, Cyndee explains, is what men really respond to, given the chance. “Women must earn things,” she says, “so that their men can feel they have someone special, someone who can truly stand out. Men love to be able to brag about their women. They love when those boasts are about more than just beauty. Yes, they are content when they have someone very sexy, but they are even more happy when there is something behind it, when their women can truly impress others with who they are as people. That is why I learned massage. I wanted to be known for how good I could be with my hands. I wanted a man to admire me for the skill I had earned through work and study. Being an expert in massage isn’t just about making people feel good. It’s about showing that I can be more than a pretty face. I can learn a skill and be good at it. I can be a valuable person. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I can also help ease a man’s pains and frustrations. I can help melt away the things that he’s carrying around in the form of tension. And at the end of a long day, I can help my man sleep very well indeed after I have had my hands on him. This, to me, is central to being admired as a woman. And being able to give back, say, to listen to your man, is also important.”

Cyndee explains that being able to listen to a man gives her a very significant advantage as a Zurich escort. “Most men have never had a woman in their lives who was skilled at listening. Many women like to think they are expert communicators, but the reality is, they get bored if their man speaks of something that does not interest them. They roll their eyes. Their disdain shows. They can go through the motions of listening, but it is not convincing. A truly good listener, a woman who can be open minded, is thus a jewel beyond price to most men. I don’t believe the average woman understands that. She doesn’t know the true power of simply listening.”