Sexy Karena considers herself a wild child who is open and honest about what it was like to grow up the child of very strict parents. While she believes her parents were only trying to shelter her, she also thinks that it was this strict upbringing that later led her to rebel. While every parent wants to protect his or her child, and no parent wants their kid exposed to the dangers of the world, strict households may bring something else into play. Some parents might try to shield kids from things they consider naughty or too sensual, and that, too can have consequences when a young girl grows up with an incredible body as she blossoms into a woman.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Karena Karena
Karena Karena

“Think of the naughtiest girl you know,” Karena says. “The girl with the dirtiest mind. The girl who tells filthy jokes. The girl who you can always count on as a sure thing because she absolutely loves it. She loves being sensual and she loves her body, and she loves to express that. When I mention the consequences of a strict upbringing, I’m thinking of how it drives a girl to really be oversexed. I think many a man has been grateful for a girl whose parents were strict… because once she has a little freedom, she’s going to turn into a truly wild child. Why is a grown woman dressing up like a schoolgirl in a tight white shirt and a tiny plaid skirt such a turn on for so many men? Remember when Britney Spears first hit the scene and blew everybody’s mind dressing like that, with her incredibly sexy, sultry voice and her slamming hot body? She was like this collective fantasy who had suddenly become real. She was tapping into that same idea, that the more repressed and uptight you are early in life, the greater the chance you’re going to rebel. And when a sexy girl rebels, it’s all the horny guys around her who are really going to benefit from that. I think that’s just how it’s really got to be.”

Karena admits that she had her own rebellion as a child and that, when she finally decided to indulge her naughty side, she was going to go at it full throttle, holding nothing back and allowing no one to control her. “I think my love of my job as a Zurich escort is kind of a holdover from that,” she explains. “I am in complete control as an escort. I get to live my life on my terms. I get to have what I want. I get to express my sensuality as I see fit. Now that I’m an escort, I feel like I’m fulfilling my potential as both a human being and as a gorgeous woman. No matter how you look at it, that is the best of all possible worlds.”

Karena admits that she blossomed early and that her body always makes an impression on those around her. “I’m a party girl, and I’ve certainly got the body for it, and fortunately for me I like going out and getting down. I like putting it all out on the line. That’s just part of who I am as a person. I like to be me. And I love how I look, especially when I dress sexy to go out for a night on the town, or when I doll myself up for a super smoking hot night at home. When I’m sitting there looking at myself in the mirror, I’m applying my war paint. I’m going in there to conquer my date. And sometimes, conquering him looks a lot like being conquered. And I’m not saying I don’t like it when my defenses come down. I like to get to know a man. I like to have him want to get to know me. I like when he looks deep into my eyes and I can feel his burning desire. I like knowing that as a woman who is in touch with her sexier side, I have the ability to really push the limits of who I am. Sensuality is the most powerful force in the world. As a beautiful woman, I am proud to wield that power.”

Karena loves going out dancing and experiencing the nightlife of Zurich. “I love the clubs and other nightlife we have here in this city,” she says. “No matter when it is, no matter when you want to have fun, you can find something in Zurich. I love being able to go out and enjoy myself as part of my job. I like dancing so much that it makes me happy to know that the urge to dance can hit me any time, any place, and I’ll be able to indulge that. I like to go to a dance club by myself and see just what sort of man I can leave that club with. I like to know that while I’m moving my body out on that floor, we can make eye contact and sort of feel each other out from across the room. I can hypnotize a man with my eyes. I can fix him with that bedroom look and tell him everything I want him to know about me without ever saying a word. Then, when he finally gets up the courage to ask, we can see where we’re taking this.”

Karena loves to show herself off and get the attention of men. She admits that she derives a great deal of pleasure from this attention. “When a man has his eyes on me, I love it,” she says. “I know it’s very fashionable right now to complain about the ‘male gaze,’ but I love it when a man gives me his attention. I could not be happier about that. I think a woman is truly empowered and affirmed when a man recognizes her as desirable. And we all want to be wanted. We all want to be desired.”
Karena is also very honest about how it makes her feel when she explores her body on the dance floor, or anywhere else in public. “I enjoy having a man’s eyes on me,” she admits. “When I’ve got the attention of a man or, even better, a bunch of men, I just can’t help but play up to that. Maybe that’s a kind of exhibitionism on my part, but I think there’s a little exhibitionist in all of us. And I think you have to want to show off to do this job. When you’re a beautiful, professional escort, you walk into a room with a man on your arm and all eyes should fall on you. That attention is on you whether you want it to be or not, so to do your job well, you had better enjoy it. I can’t imagine not finding it a turn on. I just love making every man I see want to focus on me, want to get close to me. His desire helps fuel me. It makes me excited and makes me feel like everything I do is worthwhile. This is one of the reasons I’m so good at my job.”