Paige is the kind of girl who can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. She’s very proud of her ability to blend in and pass for someone who belongs no matter what the social occasion. She also likes to be sexy and please the men she goes out with. She is skilled in fantasy fulfillment and she knows what it means to please a client.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Paige Paige
Paige Paige

“I like to say that you can bring me home to meet… well, whoever you want to meet,” she says. “I’m sexy, yes. Every man who sees me knows I’m sexy. I like myself most when I’m making a man happy. And every man has a fantasy. When he’s out with me, he’s that much closer to the fulfillment of his fantasies. He wants to be with a gorgeous woman who is on his arm all night, that’s fine with me. No matter where he wants to take me, I’ll go, and I’ll make him look good. I’ve been to high school reunions with my dates. I’ve been to business meetings. I’ve watched the look of amazement on my man’s face when he shows me off to the others who are there. And I’ve also exchanged knowing smiles with other escorts I’ve met in the industry as we encounter each other at these functions. We’re part of a select group, my fellow Zurich escorts and I. We’re there to make our men feel special and to give them the best nights of their lives. Girls who take this on as their profession, they can recognize each other. We all have respect for each other. We’re all specialists in client service. We live and breathe the idea of making every night a party.

Paige loves to show off her body. Among other things, she loves how she looks in the tiniest bathing suits she can find. She likes to sun herself in string bikinis, the skimpier, the better. She likes to know that when she walks by, every man who is out enjoying the sun by the pool is going to be taken with her. “I love to take a man’s breath away,” she says. “I love to see him turn red and look in amazement. When I know I’ve amazed a guy, I know my job is done. This is why it’s so exciting to be a Zurich escort. Every adventure I go on, every chance I get to show off my amazing body, every time I get to be with somebody new, I’m living the adventure.”

Paige enjoys most the part of her job that allows her to meet new people. “I like to collect people, really,” she says. “The more contacts and friends I have, the better. You know that part of the process, when you meet anybody you have just met, when all of your stories are new and you know nothing about them? I like the part of any interaction with a new client when everything is completely knew. Anything out of that guy’s mouth is going to be a surprise. Anything he says to me is going to be something completely new and different. I’ve always enjoyed that kind of anticipation. I love the sensation of getting to know somebody for the first time. Each and every time you do it, it’s interesting and fun. I don’t think I could do another job, knowing that this one is so much fun.”

Paige is one of those girls who likes to wear a man’s shirt the next day. She loves to show off how flexible and limber she is. And she loves to relax and be casual, especially when she can do it with someone she’s close to. “I love the feeling of conquering and being conquered,” she says. “I love to be seen as a sexual being. There’s something just so freeing about being able to express who you are as a person, as a lover, and as a woman. I’m very in touch with my sensuality. I’m very close to who I am as a person. And when I can give someone else the chance to be close to me, well, everybody wins. I think that’s great. I really do believe that’s the best way to approach life, not just as a woman and not just as a Zurich escort, but as a person who enjoys having fun.”

In her spare time, Paige is an unapologetic party girl who likes to spend all her time out having fun. “The best part of the escort circuit,” she says, “is that there is always a party to go to. Every client likes to go out and have fun. Some enjoy a more intimate experience at home or in their hotel, but there are so many clients who want to go out and experience what Zurich has to offer. I think what makes partying special is that it takes your mind off of all your problems. Think about that for a minute. When you have a party to go to, for a little while, that’s all you’re thinking about. You’re not worrying about anything else. You’re not thinking about all the stresses in your world. You’re not worried about your bills. You’re not thinking about that fight you had with a friend. You’re just enjoying yourself, and for a little while, you have nothing going on in your life except that upcoming event, that party, that thing you’re going to enjoy. Sure, the next day, you might feel a little bit of a let-down, but you’re absolutely going to enjoy yourself in the moment while you’re there.”

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