Paris is one of those girls who define themselves by how friendly they can be. She believes there aren’t enough friendly people in the world. She believes that society, as it becomes more advanced, also becomes less intimates. “I don’t believe we forge friendships and relationships the way we used to,” she says. “In some cases that is becomes what we consider a friend has changed. But in other cases that’s because relationships simply aren’t what they once were. More and more men are turning to Zurich escorts like me because they aren’t satisfied with the way conventional dating is treating them. Having seen what the old-fashioned way of dating does to men, I have to say I don’t disagree. I have seen too many men who’ve experienced poor treatment in traditional relationships. I think that’s a terrible shame.”


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Paris Paris
Paris Paris

This is why Paige believes being friendly is so important. “I think most women underestimate the power of simply being friendly to a man,” she says. “Think about the ways that women typically treat men, especially the ones they’re in relationships with. They’re ungrateful, they’re miserable, they’re critical, and they’re never happy. They’ve stopped keeping themselves up. Their men always get the worst versions of their ladies. These women act entitled to everything their men make, and whenever their men dare to make a decision they punish them for it. In fact, I think women punishing men is a big problem. I don’t mean the fun way, either.”

What Paris means about punishing is the way that women treat men when they can hold sway over relationships. “There have been actual scientific studies,” she says, “that women are more controlling in relationships. They act like they have more control because they know they can make their men do whatever they want. The power they wield is the power of fear. Their men fear the wrath of their women. All women have the ability to take away a man’s peace of mind. They have the power to make him absolutely miserable by treating him like garbage if he disobeys. They withhold affection, they give him the silent treatment… honestly, many women treat their men no better than mistreated dogs. That’s no way to conduct a relationship.”

“Is it any wonder, then,” says Paris, “that more and more men are leaving traditional relationships behind? They’ve learned that conventional dating always puts them at a disadvantage. They waste time and money and they get nothing for it. They invest all kinds of hours and they don’t have anything to show for it when they’re done. I think that’s very unfortunate. And there’s absolutely no reason for it. The average man can get a much better romantic experience by booking my time. When you book my time, you get a much better cost per value ratio. You get the time and attention of a beautiful woman, but you pay no hidden costs. It’s much more efficient in terms of your time. It’s just a better deal overall.”

Paris has some pretty definite feelings about what it means to be in a relationship, too. “You’re just signing up for someone to push you around,” she says. “Dating is one of those things that doesn’t help you and always leaves you worse off. Sure, you might enjoy some nights of passion with a reasonably attractive girl. But those nights of passion always fade. The novelty always wears off. And when one or both of you become complacent, that relationship quickly becomes a very big problem, something that makes you miserable more often than not. Is that what you want to do with your life? Is that how you want your romantic life to play out? Don’t you deserve better?”

Paris believes that a beautiful woman like her has much to offer the world, and that every man who books her time is getting an unparalleled opportunity to indulge himself. “Every man has fantasized about being with a beautiful woman,” she says. “A lot of guys don’t get that chance. Sure, they get to be with some great girls… and lots of not so great ones. But for most men, a top shelf girl like me, someone with a body like this, well… they don’t have a shot out there among the non-professional girls, because women are shallow. And let’s say you’re not twenty five years old anymore. You wouldn’t have much of a shot with a young, hot girl in her twenties when you’re twice her age. But when you book a Zurich escort, none of that matters. We see you for who you are, and because you’re taking the time and spending the money to book with us, we are more than happy to accommodate you. I think you should really consider contacting us and asking for me. I know I would love the chance to get to know you. But you’ve got to contact us before I can do that.”

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