Sela is a fun-loving girl who likes to shop and enjoys spending social time with her friends. When she’s out shopping, she looks for the nicest, sexiest clothes she can find. She has great curves, and she likes to stay in shape. While she’s already doing pretty well when it comes to having an excellent body, she knows you can dress up or you can dress down when it comes to dressing to impress. “Undressing I like,” she says. “But when you select the wrapping that goes with it, when you choose the wrapping paper that your lover is going to undo to see what’s underneath, you’ve got to make careful selections. Are you going to make your shape better? Are you going to de emphasize what you’ve got, or bring it to the forefront? A woman who knows how to dress, a woman who knows clothes, can do a lot with what she has. This is not some theory. It’s an absolute fact. When you look good, when you know you’re put together, it gives you power and leverage. You can walk around like you own the place, and the people who see you, well, they’ll be just impressed enough to believe that. It’s a very special thing, a very powerful thing, when you show that kind of power. And you can do it all with what you wear. It all starts with how well you dress up what you’ve got. There’s a lot of power in the wrapper, so to speak.”


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Sela Sela
Sela Sela

“The thing is,” Sela points out, “a drop-dead killer gorgeous outfit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to know how to dress up what you have. Now, I have an easier time than most. I’ve got incredible curves, I know. But when you can package what you’ve got, you can write your own ticket.”

Sela likes gadgets, high end electronics, as much as she likes clothes. While most people don’t think of the average Zurich escort as an electronics nerd, Sela gladly acknowledges that the term probably fits her. When she’s out on the town in a tiny dress that fits her curves skin tight, she likes to have the latest gadgets in her purse when she’s out. She loves to play with and get to know new devices, and she’s always updating her phone and looking at the latest tablets. She plays a few little games, although nothing serious, and admits that she just likes technology. “One day,” she says, “I might get into it a little deeper. I had a great grandmother who was very into computers. That seems unusual for an older woman, but it’s true. She had some of the oldest, or should I say the newest, personal computers when they first came out. I got exposed to computers as a very young child when she was very old, and it made an impression on me. Everything about electronics makes me happy. I love gadgets. I love machines that do new things. And I never get tired of discovering new things. I just never get tired of it.”

Sela knows that it’s her body that really helps her write her ticket, and she spends a lot of time working out to maintain her figure. “When I go out, all dressed up, feeling my best, I get a real rush because I know how good I look,” she says. “I don’t leave much to the imagination when I get all dolled up. But I do like to leave a few things for the reveal later on. I don’t give up the store, I mean, at first glance. You can check out my legs. You can check out my cleavage. You can check out my taut, sexy stomach. When I walk down the street, you’re going to notice. When I stroll arm in arm with a client, people are going to see us and we’re going to turn heads. I love to know that a guy checking me out, even if he’s with another woman, is going to have a hard time not looking at me. And when a guy is with me, he’s going to feel like he’s never felt before. He’s going to feel like he’s finally fulfilling a fantasy that he’s had for ages. How incredible is that? I love being able to do that for a man.”

Sela loves getting attention. She says she really enjoys how men get all flustered when they are around her. “Being a woman with a body like mine is the greatest thing in the world,” she says. “I guarantee when you meet me, you’re not going to be able to forget me. You’re going to think about me. You’re going to think about me for a good long while, and if we go out together, if you book my time, you’re going to want to book me again. Anything you want from me, you’re going to get. Anything you need to make you feel like a man is within your grasp. Just contact us and we’ll hook you up.”

Sela is just one of the incredible babes here at Swiss Babe Finder. She’s a sexy little number, to be sure, but above all else, she’s a gorgeous professional entertainer. She’ll treat you right from start to finish, showing you the kind of undivided attention and focus that you’ve seldom experienced on a date. When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself when you went out? When was the last time you dated without feeling stress or pressure? When you book a Zurich escort, you are getting the best possible adventure. You are getting an evening of excitement and fun. You are getting memories that last a lifetime. And you’re getting romance on your terms and on your timetable. What could possibly be better than a Zurich escort, and what could be more fun than going out with one of our lovely ladies? Contact us now and get in touch with us to start the process. We’re waiting to hear from you.